Thursday, September 27, 2007

Choco Cravings

Dear Me,

Believe me when I say I really want to stop munching these heaven-tasting goods at this stage of my pregnancy. I tried and I'm still trying. Okay, maybe I am not trying hard enough. I cannot just find the discipline when it comes to these kind of things. I simply cannot walk away when they're lying around, visible even to my almost-blind eyes (I'm wearing contact lens).

The objects of my lust:

Can you just imagine how every bite tastes to me? Can you also imagine how it feels like when they melt in my mouth? Once everything has been bitten and broken to chocolatey pieces, the swallowing part makes it all the more sinful for you. *winks*

Somebody just made a promise to bring boxes of
Choco Mallows to the hospital (upon my delivery) when he visits me. I am absolutely counting on that. =)

PS. They're fabulously orgasmic (pardon me for using the word)!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan,
What a double surprise! Congratulations- on your marriage and your future child. I wish you all the best in your pregnancy and I wish you an easy delivery. You should email me your postal addr so i can send some good luck charms for the baby and some australian 'choco mallow' if you are a good girl.
take care.
love- tita vicky (australia) xo

Shelby said...

giggly post :)

evi said...

congratulations on your pregnancy, ivan!

even i can't resist those choco mallows.

tinamaldita said...

chocolate mallows are the best! our office is really near the comfoods building (where those are manufatured), and we get to buy deformed mallows rejected by the factory repacked and sold at a super knock off price. naku, girl, feeling ko, maloloka ka. they also have chocolate crunchies, nips, and other goodies and low low prices. Text me lang if you need directions, and no, wala akong cut for promoting, this. Hehe :)

lutchi said...

halo girl, your always welcome...and me too would look to munch the chocolates above. TC

utenzi said...

Congratulations on your upcoming baby, Ivan! By the way, those Choco Mallows look great to me too and I'm not pregnant.

ivan said...

[tita vicks] - thank you very much. I'm kinda nervous and excited at the same time...malapit na. I'm 1cm dilated already.

charms and choco? wow. i'm gonna send you my postal address in a while..hehehe. Thank you po! :)

shelby] - thanks..:) congratulations to your niece. :)

[evi] - thank you, my dear! how have you been? You went on England tour pala. I envy you. :D

[tinamaldita] - hey, i know that place. It's in Malugay Street, isn't it? I usually pass by the area everytime I go to work (before I resigned). Hehehe. I didn't know they sell the stuff there. Sayang!

[lutchi] - thanks again! :) I'm really craving for those sweets...

[utenzi] - thank you. Nice of you to visit. :) Those mallows are driving me chocolatey. Hehehe. A few more days to go and I can have them by boxes! :)

Marni said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!

I too love choco mallows. and I think I've got a box in the fridge. want some? hehe.

My recent post is about chocolates, too. *sigh* I'm getting hungry again. haha.

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

i love choco mallows too! :D chocnut pa and flat tops.. haha yummy!

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