Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #21

Dear Me,

It's kinda late but here's my
T13 for today.

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Thirteen TV Series I Love To Watch

  1. House: I just love Dr. Gregory House's witty sarcasm, though sometimes I feel like squirming when he opens his mouth. On the other hand, I'm gonna miss Dr. Eric Foreman.

  2. NCIS: Being a JAG spin-off, the episodes simply rock. Even though, Special Agent Jethro Gibbs is way too old for me, I find his character in the series a little "attractive." Hahaha. I fancy his character: intimidating, knows how to get his way around rules, etc. Anthony Dinozzo, on the other hand, is such a wacky guy whom I'll love to have around when my spirits are down. Mossad agent Siva David is another reason to watch the series. I just love it when aggressive, scary goons bow down to her. I am beginning to hate Tim McGee.

  3. Bones: When I first watched this, I thought I would dislike it. The main character, forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan seemed kinda older for me (especially when she is being linked to FBI Special Agent Seely Booth portrayed by David Boreanaz, whom I had a big crush during my Buffy days). But as I went along, I discovered her to be witty despite her lack of social skills in dealing with other people. The series does not only depicts scientific facts but it has a heart, too, that gives the viewer to reflect about some realities of life.

  4. CSI: Miami: Okay, I have three (3) reasons for loving this series: (1) I simply have a thing for crime scene investigations. It's not because I have a leaning or inclination to commit crimes. It's more of a curiosity, suspense and excitement in watching how crimes are committed and solved despite contradicting evidences. It's discovering the truth behind everything that happens; (2) I love the hues of Florida. I haven't been there and I don't think I'll ever be (unless I win somewhere). I'm not a beach person but I love the idea of walking along the shores and feeling the wind in my face; sitting in the sand with a good book and (3) I like seeing Horation Caine's orange (if that's orange) hair. Hehehe.

  5. Desperate Housewives: I have a thing for knowing what goes on with other people's lives. It's not that I love gossip because I don't. Sometimes, it's learning how other people (housewives especially) cope up with the realities of family life. Aside from the fact, that the casts are totally interesting.

  6. 24: Let us just say that Jack Bauer's role excites me. Who wouldn't? Also, the 24-hour count of high-powered events that CTU has to face is an enough explanation. Watch it. =)

  7. Criminal Minds: I also love this series just like any crime-related shows involving the FBI. Another thing is how crimes are solved utilizing the available psychological parameters that delve into human behavior. Last thing, I got this huge crush on Thomas Gibson portraying as Aaron Hotchner. Don't you just love those aquiline features? *sigh*

  8. Shark: I am what you can say: a frustrated lawyer. I never thought I would love to be one. But I don't have much time to pursue a law degree, with my obligations and all. So aside from buying fiction paperbacks depicting courtroom dramas from my favorite bookshops, I also stay up awake in the wee hours of the morning just to watch a dvd copy of this show. Besides, Sebastian Stark is such a formidable, unyielding character to watch.

  9. The Closer: I totally love the casts of this series. Such diversity of personalities rolled into one. I'm beginning to fall for FBI Agent Fritz Howard. *winks*

  10. Without A Trace: Another FBI-related drama about finding missing persons within a critical time period.

  11. Amazing Race: Do I have to explain why? =) It's a race around the world for money.

  12. CSI: New York: I wouldn't waste my time watching this if they hadn't changed the "screaming dark blue atmosphere" of the show (probably because it's New York and all business). But they did. So next to Miami, this is my 2nd fave CSI.

  13. Angel: I love vampire shows but I love it better because of David Boreanaz who plays the title roler, Angel. I just hope that the love tandem of Fred and Gunn be abolished! They're making the series totally mushy. Hmp.

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  1. I love House and Amazing Race. The others I don't watch, but might check out soon.
    My TT at:

  2. I dabble in many of those, but HOUSE is a must-see every week!

  3. House is definitely a must-see for me as well...and last night's show didn't disappoint. :) Great list!

  4. What a great list - House and Bones are among my current must-sees as well, and I too miss Angel!

  5. I love all those shows too, except Desperate Housewives. I never really got into that one. Happy TT! Thanks for visiting my site.

  6. I watch Desperates out of habit more than anything else. Amazing Race is my favourite! I never watch any of those others.

  7. I've watched Angel, but that's the only one on your list that I've seen. Happy TT!

  8. [to all T13eers] - seems like House is a topnotcher! =)
    thanks for visiting! :)


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