Monday, September 24, 2007


Dear Me,

S24: As usual, the dirty laundry was piling up high. Sometimes, I wished I had the magic power to make them clean. =) I planned to wash them all but the weather wasn't cooperative. The heavens was crying all day. It also didn't help that other people in the house had their dirty clothes washed during the weekend and it kept raining in the late afternoons.

So I just washed some newly-bought baby clothes and a number of my house clothes (I don't wear duster-types) that I would feel comfortable wearing while at the hospital during my recovery from delivery. You see, I still have to pack my hospital bag for the imminent arrival of my 1st baby boy! To think, I'm nearing my due. (I'm a certified chronic crammer). Hehehe.

S23: I felt kinda revved up despite my condition. I felt I wanted to do something productive around the house. With the disagreement me and Mamu had yesterday, I felt I needed to take action. So, I enlisted the help of my hubby and started cleaning up the 3rd floor's abandoned kitchen area. I first washed and cleaned the sink area from the gathering dust. I requested my hubby to do all the lifting of the newly-bought electric stove, dish storage, microwave oven. After drying the sink, I arranged things in their proper places. On the other hand, hubby decided to scrub clean the toilet.

While we were doing our own, my father was doing the same thing. He had the extra, unnecessary stuff removed from our supposed (and future) dining area. I felt kinda guilty because he probably thought ill of me about the petty quarrel I had with my mother. You see, my father rarely speaks his mind and it's really hard to figure out what he thinks and feels about certain things. Anyway, I requested hubby again to help him out with the heavy lifting since those things were needed to be brought down from the 3rd floor to the ground floor.

Honestly, it was so refreshing to see the work we had done. The area seemed brighter and livable. In that area alone, the only thing that is needed to be fixed is the side leaks (caused by the frequent rains). Other than that, we're good to go and enjoy our new kitchen and dining area. Well, we still have to purchase our own set of table and chairs for the dining area (we found this set in SM and it costs PhP15,000.00) and stock up our own cooking supplies (I mean salt, oil, vinegar, soy sauce, etc). We already bought our own dining and cooking utensils and paraphernalia (except for a rice pot).

I'm totally looking forward in doing my own cooking experiments in our very own space. I'm sure I'll be inspired. Hahaha. =)

Hopefully, the space fronting our room will be cleaned, too; devoid of unwanted stuff this coming Saturday. The plan is to convert that space as the family's computer area since we already have 1 desktop and another one coming up courtesy of my sister's (my laptop stays in our room). There are still a lot to be done in that area: remove the strings that served as a temporary clothesline (when it rains hard, clean laundry need to be hung inside) and put up vinyl tiles to complement the kitchen/dining floors. After that, the entire 3rd floor will totally look like a home for me. =)


At around 5 in the afternoon, we refreshed ourselves and proceeded to the nearby mall (it's called MC2). We first had dinner at
Chowking. He ordered Shanghai Lauriat while I had the Yang Chow Chao Fan with siomai toppings. I guessed I was so ravenous that the food tasted good to my palate. Hehehe.

After dining, hubby had his hair cut in the newly-inaugurated
Executive Barbershop where a man's haircut costs PhP80.00 and the staff so friendly and accommodating (I was just observing around from my seat but their staff kept on giving me magazines to read and asking me if they can do something for me).

When the hair had been cut and all, we wandered around the newly-extended section of this mini-mall. It looked pleasant compared to the last time I went there.

After which, I urged Dex to purchase some "impulse" (just for the sake of wanting to buy something) groceries at the
Robinson's Supermarket.

Budget: PhP200.00 So I only bought the following: 2 Anchor mocha RTD, 1 Hershey's choco RTD, small Choco Mallows pack, Tostillas chips, 4 Nestea Iced Tea litro packs, Maya original hotcake mix. =)

S22: It was around two (2) in the afternoon when hubby and I rode the LRT-1 to Buendia. We were headed to the biggest mall in Asia, SM Mall of Asia (MOA).

Unfortunately, it rained when we were about to get off the station. So we decided to have a quick munch at
Greenwich while waiting for the rain to subside.

Main target in going to MOA: to mail a package via the post office stall fronting the mall since we missed the half-day schedule of the city's main post center. Here, we also bought some stamps for my
postcrossing hobby.

Next stop was at
SM Hypermart. I used to dislike the hypermarts of SM. I was adamant to even consider shopping here instead of the supermarkets. But I was wrong. I found the hypermarts more complete and diverse.

Anyway, we left the hypermart with two (2) grocery bags: one loaded with more than a kilo of grapes and probably almost 3 kilos of the papaya fruit and the other bag, some wearables and consumer products. We deposited these bags in the package counter so we could wander around the mall minus the heavy load.

While hubby checked the computer shops, I decided to call Ma'am Beth, my former Associate Director. I wanted to know if my immediate superior, TI had pushed through with his departure for Tokyo that afternoon. Apparently, he did without me saying goodbye.

Before deciding in heading for home, I treated my hubby to dinner at our becoming-a-habit-at
Pancake House. Whenever we visit this mall, we always end up having dinner in this cozy resto with our favorite main course, Pork Vienna and dessert, Mango Crepes with ice cream. *salivates* It was a sumptuous meal I could always rave about.

Okay, there was one last stop I couldn't afford to miss. Everytime we passed by, I felt a certain force pulling me towards it. So, I tagged my hubby and entered
Books For Less. Truthfully, it was my 1st time to enter this particular bookshop. I usually go to NBS, Powerbooks, and FullyBooked to provide gratification to my book lust.

I liked this bookshop's ambiance. It was like being in a library with all those semi-tall shelves lined up one after the other. It was also a good thing that it wasn't crowded during that time. I was able to browse some interesting titles and as expected, I didn't leave without anything. I purchase two (2) books in addition to my collection. =)

...the rest will be posted later before this entry.

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