Monday, September 24, 2007


Dear Me,

...almost finished eating a half loaf of bread (with my cup of milk) this morning, 2 small packs of eggnog (with my Anchor mocha) for lunch, Tostillas junk food for snacks, a whole ripe papaya fruit for dinner (?). Nope, I will be having rice and sauteed corned beef for late dinner with my hubby. He's still out due to OT.

...just contacted
Air21 for the nth time to follow-up a package that was supposed to arrive days before September 17th. They told me before it was due to incorrect address (which was not) and then because it was raining. I called less than hour ago and they said it was because of the incorrect address again. So, which is which? Promise, I'm not gonna utilize their service. I'll stick with 2Go. Hmp.

...had a small chit-chat with Mamu about some arrangements in the house. I felt better now compared during the weekend. At least, some things became clearer and I sort of understood her situation and their (with Papa) dilemma. *relieved* a call from
Cebu today via landline phone. It was my hubby's siblings. They had been calling me through my mobile phone and was probably frustrated when I didn't pick up. My apologies, dear. I usually leave my mobile phone under my pillow at night and I totally forgot about it.

...received a-sort-of-a-thank-you-postcard this morning from
Melissa. I sent her one before at random via It was very nice of her. =) The postcard depicts the beautiful Saco River Valley in new Hampshire that sits among the mountains adjacent to the White Mountain National Forest. Thanks, Melissa.

...the rest will be posted later before this entry.


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