Sunday, September 23, 2007


Dear Me,

...have a growing pile of BTBR (books to be read). Aside from the books I have in my shelves, the books I purchase out of impulse and for the love of it, the books I acquire online as ebooks and the books I mooch from all over the world via
BookMooch, I also have these book files to read from LitCritters. This is a group of people who love books and then meet up, have open sessions and discussions about a particular book/s. I am not an active member, though. Do join them if you want. =)

...know it is kinda late but I would like to thank my youngest brother,
Jeff for sharing me some of his financial blessings. Hehehe. Way to go! I just hope that he is also saving up for his future. Wag mo ko gayahin na may PhP10,000.00 lang sa atm, feeling rich na and shopping galore to the max. Next thing I know, I have maxxed my credit cards and my atm account is empty, save for a few cents. =)

...would like to inform other photo enthusiasts utilizing
Sony ImageStation to save and clear up their photo accounts.
On February 1st, 2008 Sony will close the ImageStation® online photo service. The closure will happen in phases and most site features such as upload, sharing and shopping will be disabled on November 12th 2007. For more info, click here. kinda that HSBC has finally reversed the Security Device fee charged in my credit card. Whew! I thought it would take them eons to have it done since the transactions involving this claim took me more or less six (6) months. Kaloka! Plus, the fact that some customer service representatives kinda drove me nuts just by talking to them. *sigh* Finally! For this month, all bills are settled. wondering where the remaining postcards I have sent ended up. I hope that
Kristina (Germany), Gaby (Mexico), Khanh (my Vietnam colleague) and Aunt Letty (US) will be able to receive it before the month ends. trying to learn this new hobby, digital scrapbooking. It's kinda hard for someone like me who doesn't know how to create a real scrapbook. What makes it harder is that I still have to study the ins and outs of photoshop to be able to do this hobby. It's a good thing that my hubby knows how and he is patient enough to teach an ignoramus like moi. =)

...the rest will be posted later before this entry.

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