Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Fantasy Island

Dear Me,

Is there any place on earth you would indulge yourself into every caprices and whims available? Hmm. Obviously, everybody will definitely have something in their minds, that is, disregarding time, money and commitment.

Snitching this from
Marky. =)

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Your fantasy island is New Zealand

What's Your Fantasy Island?

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Rugged. Adventurous. Both! When you head on vacation, your fantasy island is the wild and diverse country of New Zealand. A curious and courageous spirit, you don't need - or necessarily want - a lot of pampering when traveling. Not one to lounge on a beach chair most days, you seek out challenges (on holiday and off), especially when there's a chance to hone a new skill or test your mettle.

You tend to relax by doing - be it bungee jumping, hiking the backcountry, or hitting every museum a city has to offer. Like New Zealand's varied terrain - glaciers, beaches, cities, and mountains - you can entertain even the most rambunctious friends. For you, there's nothing better than letting go of convention and heading off toward a new, undiscovered sunset. Ramble on!

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