Monday, September 3, 2007

Of Internet & Laptop

Dear Me,

I've been online for the most part of the day today. Did I ever mention that I am past dial-up internet connection? My hubby decided that we could have a dsl broadband when connecting to the web.

Whee! I was so happy. Gone are the days that I have to curse my isp connection. Hehehe. Anyone will agree how convenient it is to have one like this especially if you are just home alone 24/7. *wicked grin*

So mid-July, we had our
mydsl internet connection installed.

Another wonderful thing is that I am using this
cool laptop as a "gift" from hubby dear. Hehehe. He bought it during the last week of August. He is using our desktop for games while I have the laptop for blogging, surfing, etc. We can now also download a lot of things from the web, which is usually a dilemma when utilizing a dial-up connection. Everything is faster and simplified. =)

Before, our modem was mainly connected with our desktop in the 2nd floor. Now, it's with my laptop in the 3rd floor. Thoughtful hubby did some "cable/wiring connecting stuff" from the house phone from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor during the weekend.

The plan is to have a network connection among 3 computers inside the house - the desktop being used by hubby
Dex, my laptop and the desktop to be bought by my sister Bambi, hopefully next week (she is having it assembled courtesy of hubby). All 3 will be located in the 3rd floor to accommodate things in the already-congested 2nd floor of the house.

If there's one thing you can fully trust Dex to do is to have lots of plans with regard to having the better of everything in connection with computers. Sometimes I just don't comprehend the terms he uses (like crimping) but I'm all for it. Hehehe.

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