Wednesday, October 17, 2007

EmmyRose Loves My Blog

Dear Me,

Well, the baby is still napping and I thought of having a little ME time. =)

I thought of returning the favors to some good blog pals who took time to read my posts, include me in their tags and goodwill (by giving me blog badges). It overwhelms me to learn that some people actually read my space here. Thank you, guys!

This one came from
EmmyRose of Just Let Go. She gave me my 1st blogger badge. =) Actually, she is just a new addition to my list of new blog pals. If you blog peepz are looking for a combination of soulful and light reads, visit Emmy's place.

Thanks Emmy and in return, I am presenting this
I LOVE UR BLOG badge to my favorite blogs as well.

Jon of 03.03.03 Stories - a very good friend and was like a "kuya" to me

Trinity of Rooms Of My Heart - my newest blog pal

Judie of Everybody Wants Something another new blog friend on the block who reminds me of my good but not-so-old days of being a yuppie girl.

Ms. Vickie of Vick's Events - known her through BWI and like her, I love Baguio so much.

Lynn of Everything And Then Some... - I just love her very interesting posts about motherhood, food, etc.

I am not sure if there's a limit of blogs to be cited for this blog award but nonetheless, I am also sharing this blog love badge to the following:

Vessa of Right To Rant

Kegler of Travel Blogging

Nice of Diary Of A Nice Girl

Hope you guys share this with the others, too!


  1. Thank you for the "I love your blog badge" :) ... hope you are doing fine taking care of your baby :)

  2. Wow! I'm so touch naman po (at 'di ako madaling ma touch ah?)! Thanks po talaga!

    Musta na po si baby?

  3. Thank you, thank you, Ivan! This is a welcome surprise. I'll post it in my blog as soon as. :)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! you had your baby...girl or boy?I am so happy for you - hope that you and baby are well and bonding OK...
    oh- thank you! I am so flattered- i thought no one read my blog coz I hardly I am motivated again. Take care and enjoy the tita vickyxo

  5. Ivan, what a compliment to be loved! thank you so much for this recognition! I feel so honored.

    I just back online again after having a long vacation and this is a very nice surprise for me!

    Trinity from Rooms of
    My Heart

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  7. huhuhu... i'm touched. pramis. :D

    oist, post mo naman picture ni baby sa barkada blog ;)

  8. thank you, thank you, thank you my dear for the blog love! right back at ya. it's frankly the best thing that welcomed me after a very tedious business trip.

    congrats again on the arrival of your bundle of joy! pls post pics of your angel soon ha! =)

  9. [everyone] - i may not comment in your blog but i surely lurk around and read. =)


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