Thursday, November 15, 2007

Surely Not At Random

Dear Me,

  • N15: -- The day looks gloomy due to the incessant rains since yesterday evening.

    -- Kinda worried about my baby. He's making all these weird sounds and body stretching. Better have him see his pediatrician soon.

  • N14: -- I received my copy of the book Shopaholic Ties The Knot by Sophie Kinsella through the mail. It came from Singapore.

    -- After days of wanting to be carried even when he is asleep, my baby finally allowed himself to be lodged in his crib. I took the opportunity to do some household chores, which I have neglected - a little laundry, sweeping the floors, tidying up our bed, washing the dishes.

  • N13: -- For the 1st time, I had to do this task for my baby. Put a few drops of Salinase in his nostrils to relieve them of stuffiness and use a suction to expel mucus secretion. At first, I didn't want to do this because I felt like I might do more harm than good but he was having a hard time breathing and seemed irritated. Well, the suction yielded nothing.

  • N12: -- Hubby figured out the reason why our baby kept on crying nonstop. He wasn't hungry nor wet with pee and poo. He didn't seem to have a tummy ache nor was he being bitten by mosquitoes or ants. It was his nose, obstructed by mucus. He gave his nostrils some nasal drops and suction the thing out. He was successful. The baby slept like a log afterwards.

    -- From the mail, I got the book
    Shopaholic & Sister by Sophie Kinsella. This came from United Kingdom.

    -- An old colleague of mine who's now earning her toil in the United States surprised me with a call. I was so glad that
    Junkichi called up. We exchanged updates about each other: how am I and the baby and the delivery and all and how's her life - work and her online studies. It was so nice of her to give me a ring.

  • N10: -- The three (3) of us: hubby, baby and moi all went to UST Hospital to have my OB and the baby's Pedia check-up. Unfortunately, both our doctors weren't around since mine (check-up) was supposed to be last November 3rd while the baby's was not scheduled. Anyway, it was fine since we could do away with the visit.

    -- After the failed doctors' visit, we went to SM Tayuman (as usual) and had our dinner at Chicken Bacolod Inasal where we had sinigang and pork sisig. Yumyum. =) Afterwards, we headed to the Home Section where we bought a new violet computer table (hubby bought a flat screen monitor to complement the new CPU). This would be placed in our room in the 3rd floor since we moved the tv outside the room.

    -- The panicky thing about this day was while hubby was paying in the cashier, our baby howled because he was already hungry. Goodness. I am still in the stage of breastfeeding him and having feeding bottles isn't an option yet. *sigh*

    -- When we got home, I received a parcel sent by 2Go c/o Alex. In it, I found three (3) books:

  • N9: -- I received an sms and a missed call from my former superior at work. I followed it up by returning her call. She was offering me a post back in the office. Someone would be taking a 4-months leave and instead of hiring and training a new one, she thought of me since I held the post before. I told her I would think about it and consult it with hubby. Actually, I didn't think I would since the post needed to be occupied beginning next month.

  • N8: -- Mamu's home and somehow, it was such a relief. She took care of her 1st grandson while I tend to some chores at home and took a shower earlier than I used to. For that, I really thanked my mother for that. =)

    -- After being freed from all the things I had to do, I joined Mamu and baby in my sister's room (Mamu watches tv in her room). During tv commercials, we chatted and laughed. These were the moments I missed when I was younger and single since most of the time, I fought with her. But now, things changed and I had to really initiate that change for the sake of my baby and mine. I didn't want my boy to grow up hearing me fighting all the time with my mother.

    -- Snack time: we had pizza delivered to the house. I called
    Pizza Hut and ordered a family-sized Barbeque Ribs Pizza. My Palm Card had already expired and Mamu opted to renew it so we could have another FREE family-sized pizza. For the free pizza, we had Mamu's favorite Hawaiian Supreme Pizza. The delivery included a 1.5L Pepsi softdrinks. We had a filling merienda together with my father, who was busy fixing something downstairs.

  • N7: -- I thought I would be freaking out at Meralco. The lights went out at 4:00 pm and was worried that it would take a while to be back. The weather was hot and there were mosquitoes around. My concern was because of my baby. I called hubby to report the electricity outage and asked what time it would be back. He was told that lights would be on by 6:00 pm, which didn't happen. I followed up the call by 8pm and was told that it would be by 11:00 pm instead. Of course, I hyperventilated and was about to barrage the csr with questions of whys. Hehehe. Luckily, the lights switched on even before I started.

    -- While the lights was out, I was texting my cousin if she could recommend a househelp or a nanny. She told me that these days, it's harder to find a trustworthy person whom you would bring inside your house as well as take care of your kid. *sigh*

  • N6: -- Hubby's father and sister flew back to Cebu late in the afternoon. They arrived late at the airport and had to take the next flight.

  • N4: -- Together with his dad and sis, hubby spent the afternoon wandering around SM North and Trinoma. Hubby's pasalubong for me was a box from Dunkin' Donuts.

  • N2: -- Typical Friday night chat with my brother, Jepoy. Shoe size? =)

  • N1: -- All Saints' Day!

    -- Hubby's dad and sis arrived from Cebu to see the newest addition to the family: my baby boy.

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