Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Friendship With Trinity

Dear Me,

I was browsing some blogs and I was visiting
Trinity's and reading her backlog entries. I came across her post about friendship and I'm honored to be considered one of her special friends online.

She made a badge to express her gratitude to her friends - for their support, comments, tags, care, prayers, awards and for remembering her humble blog among the thousands of great blogs in this blogsphere.

Thank you dear for giving me this friendship badge. It's a pleasure having you as a friend, too! =)


In return, I'm sharing this friendship badge to these very nice people who have touched my life in a way as well as those people who have accepted me as their friend even though we haven't seen each other for real.

Guys, thanks for the friendship. I surely treasure it. =)


  1. Enjoy friendship in blogsphere! :-)

  2. online friendship... simply amazing! dahil sa internet, abot mo ang mundo! hehehe... nostalgic post ito mommy ivy :P

    kelan namin makikita si baby? ;)

  3. [trinity] - thanks for the friendship & the badge. =)

    [jon] - i always thought then that online friendship will never be for real. i was proven wrong. thanks for being a good friend..=)

    you guys will see Carlos Miguel once he is set to go out of the house withut fuss. Hehehe.

  4. Ate Ivan: Ang bilis ng panahon no? Actually, you're one of my oldest blogmate and I'm happy we're still in -touch

    Thanks for the friendship. I will keep that badge. God Bless!!

  5. [jom] - yup, it is! parang kelan lang. =)

    wishing that you'll always be happy no matter what. =)

  6. thanks mommy ivy, tats naman ako :) bakit ba senti ang mood nyo ni adik na jon? hehehe :D

  7. Ivan, I am very touched indeed and thank you. I am mesmerised by your youthful candour in your blogs and it's always a pleasure to come visit you and see what's up - you and I have come a long way from BWI. take care always and enjoy being a tita vicky

  8. [jary] - senti? hindi naman. happy lang. :)

    [tita vicks] - thank you po for the nice words. appreciate it. :)


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