Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Traveller Profile

Dear Me,

Are you a wanderlust like moi? Take this test to reveal what type of traveller you are.

Your travel type: Travel Yup

The Travel Yup likes exotic and adventurous travel, but prefers big cities with fast paced life. He has a keen interest in other cultures and always brings home a few souvenirs.

Shopping in Bangkok, getting a tailor made suite in Kuala Lumpur, that's the kind of thing the Travel Yup is into. Even though he likes to get away, he prefers his travels to be comfortable.

top destinations:


stay away from:

Darien Gap
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As much as some of the info is true, I would rebut the statement that: I prefer big cities with fast paced life. Actually, I don't. As much as possible, I prefer going anywhere except the cities. I'm after the vacation and being in the big city definitely reminds me of my jungle life back home, rushing every working day of my life.


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