Tuesday, January 1, 2008

At Random

Dear Me,

  • I have been bloghopping lately and I'm totally enjoying it. I discovered interesting blogs, new sites as well fab finds.

    I'm adding the links and badges in my sidebar for easy reference. I know it's getting kinda crowded but that's the way it's gonna be at the moment. I will overhaul my sidebar once I find the time.

    Speaking of fab finds, I'm kinda disappointed not to have participated in coveting this cute bag.

    pink diaper bag

    I chanced upon this contest through Natalie's blog linking it to the person hosting the giveaway.

    I'm a bag-aholic and it doesn't matter if it's a diaper bag. It's cute and fab and I have a use for it, now that I have a baby. =)

    Would I be so bad if I have a baby boy but I prefer to have the pink diaper bag over the blue one? *winks*

  • Hubby has been profusely glorifying this desktop keyboard for the nth time. I couldn't blame him because he had been ogling the said piece in all the computer shops we visited everytime we went malling. It wasn't that expensive but I told him not to buy it just for the insane reason that he wanted it. The old one was still functional when excitement overpowered him.

    Okay. Just for the sake of agreeing with him that
    A4Tech X-Slim Keyboard KLS-7MU is a good buy, I will list down the reasons (it's kinda obvious just by looking at the piece) why:

    multimedia keyboard

    - headphone and usb ports are placed on opposite sides of the keyboard instead of ducking in front or behind the CPU.

    - instead of using your mouse to Refresh or Go Back to a website or view your Favorites folder while surfing the net, all you have to do is press some keys on.

    - again, instead of using your mouse to adjust volumes, play or pause a movie/video/mp3s, multimedia keys are strategically placed in the keyboard.

    Sometimes, I get to think that the mouse is rendered useless when the keyboard is in play. Hmm.

  • It has been a while since I visited Quiapo. If I am not mistaken, I last set foot in the area while I was on my 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Together with hubby, we bought some dvds and hunted the shops selling beads and materials.

    dvds from Quiapo

    beads from Quiapo

    Out of the six (6) dvds we bought, I was only able to watch the first three movies (dvds at the top portion of the photo).

    With regard to the beads, I haven't touch them since putting them in a box. I just lost the heart to start this new hobby. But I am still wanting to learn how to make my own bead accessories. =)


    12thirteen said...

    I heart Save the Last Dance movie. In fact I've seen it twice yesterday. *heh* It's really one of the few movies that I never get tired watching. =)

    Anyway, it's my first time here and I'd like to wish you a Happy New Year! =)

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