Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Old Shots

Dear Me,

I've been doing some cleaning (computer contents) lately and I bumped into some shots I took while I was pregnant. So before filing them in the DELETION folder, allow me to post them here.

FOOD mag and cookbook
I know how to cook but I only know a couple of dishes. I got a few kicks when I tried to prepare something and it tasted better than I expected. =)

Smart Parenting mags (back issues)
To wannabes and newbie parents out there, I highly recommend this magazine for your reading. There are lots of helpful information and ideas about parenting and family life in the pages of this magazine. If you don't want to subscribe, better head to Filbar's and search for back issues. They're treasures! *winks*

Bead mags
When you're pregnant and living in the house alone for most of the day (hubby toils), you'll definitely crave for something new to do. I was supposed to engage in this new hobby, beading and all that but with all the books and the dvds plus the food (hehehe), I totally forgot about learning the craft. Anyway, I still have my box of beads and this 2008, I'm going to create my very first bead accessory. =)

Pregnancy books/references
Like any other first times in our lives, we tend to look for ways to discover and learn about every aspect of that first time. As a newbie soon-to-be-mom, I scoured every pregnancy & baby-related books I could find in the shelves of the local bookstores. Mind you, there are tons of them. I got lost in the deluge of information I could find in one book. What I did was skim through the table of contents and check if it's too complicated for reading. I didn't want to waste time reading all the technical jargons in one book when I can comprehend the gist of the pregnancy process in another.

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