Monday, January 21, 2008

Please Vote For My Son, Carlos Miguel

Dear Everyone,

To my family, relatives, friends, mountaineering pals, former classmates & schoolmates from way back, blogger friends/visitors/lurkers:

Kindly vote for my 3-month old son,
Carlos Miguel in the Pampers Baby Pic Contest.

Hope he wins! Hehehe.



I saw this website of Pamper's while searching for baby food recipes and there's this contest called "Extra Sleep, Extra Laughter Baby Pic Contest" which asked me to submit photos of my precious Carlos Miguel Manalansan Casagnap. Of course, I gave the cutest pictures of my son and they're now posted at, you should see it!

Please vote for my little darling Carlos Miguel Manalansan Casagnap.

Oh! You can also join the contest.

here's the link to it


Carlos Miguel's mom (that's moi)


  1. I'm at the voting page but I'm unable to lcoate your bsby boy's name. Can you show me where is it? :)

  2. I did vote your son. Hope he wins! Balato ko ha! lol


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