Sunday, January 20, 2008

Preggy Me

Dear Me,

It's true. When a woman becomes pregnant, she feels and looks unpleasant (translation: ugly) even though the people around her try to convince her otherwise. But then, no matter what, the same feeling seems to bug her no end.

Just like what I strongly felt then.

I felt so ugly. Who wouldn't? I had to wear a much bigger size of clothes to accommodate my growing tummy and hips. It was kinda hard to find a set of fashionable clothes that would fit me as well, given my height. The clothes would fit my width but it was another matter when it came to my height.

And when you're feeling unsure and low in self-esteem, the tendency is to hide away and not be seen by people you know.

So I went out of the house not as frequent as I used to or as much as I would want to.

Even taking photos of me being that big was a no-no.

But I did wear the-devil-may-care-attitude once in a while and had some (mug)shots taken (hehehe)...

taken: 1st month of my last trimester of pregnancy

enjoying my Butterfinger Creme Pie from Burger King. I had to beg my hubby to have this dessert since I had been eating too many sweets.

having such a great time choosing books to buy during the 28th Manila International Book Fair held at the World Trade Center.

taken: last month of my 2nd trimester of pregnancy

"painfully" waiting to devour my favorite Chicken Roll at Tsoko.Nut (located at Dela Rosa Street in Makati). Hubby's order of traditional ham took eons to arrive. Why? Because they totally forgot his order. Tsk. Buti na lang, good mood ako. Hahaha!

taken: first month of my 2nd trimester of pregnancy

Hubby and I dined at Teriyaki Boy at Robinson's Galleria to celebrate my "twenteen" birthday. This was also my 2nd time to dine at this almost-authentic Japanese resto. I craved for their salmon treat. =)

PS. Isn't it obvious that I love to eat... a lot? Nyahahaha.

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  1. I think you look good! :-) love your expression with the food..LOL


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