Wednesday, February 20, 2008

All Together Now

Dear Me,

I can't think of any title and yes, I'm kinda disorganized. Hehehe. Posting whatever.

What Chinese Animal Are You?

I've always known I'm a Horse and I couldn't agree more...except for the last three (3) sentences. Hehehe!

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Blog Of The Month Award From MP

I got another blog award from MP. It's the blog of the month award. She gave me one last time.

(What a cute dog! It reminds me of my precious pup, Sakura.)

To this wonderful mom, I thank you for the bottom of my heart. :) I am in turn sharing this with the following people:

  • Kailani - she's new in my blogroll but I've been seeing her in BE and other wonderful sites. Thanks for all those awesome entries. =)
  • Trinity - love her very down-to-earth posts about family and life in general. :)
  • Sassy - love her simple and friendly entries. :)

Spreader Of Love Award From Trinity

Yup! Another blog award from a good friend, Trinity. She gave it to me during Heart's Day coinciding her birthday!

This very nice girl who's also a mom previously shared me this as well.

Belated Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing this with me. =)

I'm sharing this also to everyone here in my blogroll. Feel free to snag it. :)

Dilemma With Courier Service Air21

I don't understand why Air21 is having a hard time delivering packages to our place. It's like every rider of theirs are either slow with directions or plain lazy. I'm probably generalizing but how come 2Go, LBC and Xend Express can be so efficient and prompt with their deliveries? Aber? Once you hand them your package today, expect that by tomorrow your package will be at the recipient's doorstep. So unlike with Air21. Theirs will take days and even weeks. I had the experience of getting my package from Air21 for more than ten (10) days. Can you believe that? Their seeming inefficiency defeats the purpose of their business; that is, to deliver packages to their clients in the quickest, most convenient and effective way.

Inbox Clean-Up

Since yesterday, I've been cleaning out my email inboxes. I couldn't believe I had those tons of messages. I've been deleting spams as well as a lot of not-so-important forwarded messages. Well, I do read forwarded messages and keep them in a folder as long as they make sense, nice to share with other friends and those that touch my heart.

If you can only see my inbox, I'm telling you that I have a lot of folders in there. I have folders for forwarded messages, relating to books, baby & parenting stuff, travel, hobbies, climbs, blog, food, jobs, photography, health, etc. Despite that, my main inbox is such a mess. Tsk...

I'm A List-Aholic!

Before this month ends, I may have probably read through this blog of mine in search of backlogs: from the mundane to the important things to do, places to go, promises to keep. I want to list them all down here.

Being born under the twin sign, I have 2 extreme personalities at best. One is being a carefree, spontaneous, come-what-may type and the other, the freakishly organized persona (I tend to list a lot of things to keep tabs with my progress.


  1. Ivan girl thanks for this post.. if you want to use the 'original' picture of the love spread award, you can get it here at


  2. Thank you for the award. I'm honored!

  3. I so need to do some email in box cleaning myself!

  4. Hey I love what you have done with my Spreader of Love Award.

    Can I use your picture and link to this post on my blog?

    B @ The Love Blog

    PS The original image is on my Flickr page linked on my blog.


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