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Panagbenga 2008 (Baguio Flower Festival)
With the theme "Celebrating 13 Years of Caring," Panagbenga 2008 is loaded with so many exciting activities.

Known as Panagbenga (a Kankanaey word meaning "a season for blossoming, a time for flowering"), this flower-inspired festival is being celebrated every February with the aim to boost the tourism industry. In celebration, there will be an opening parade, the "Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom" painting contest, the drum and lyre competitions, a grand floral parade, a market encounter, a float parade and "Session Road in Bloom" within the city, Pony Boys Day, the Mr. Panagbenga body-building contest, a barangay roadside as well as parks landscaping and beautification contest, a golf tournament, a marathon and other sports events.

Calendar of Events
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Manila Ocean Park
The Philippines' first world-class oceanarium to be located at the historical Quirino Grandstand at the Rizal Park.

The Oceanarium, said to be bigger than Sentosa's Underwater World oceanarium in Singapore in terms of floor area (Sentosa Underwater World has 6,000 square meters while ours has 8,000 square meters) is set to open on February 24, 2008.

This PhP1-B project is the first world-class marine park to adopt a "fusion concept," housing an oceanarium, a mall, a boutique hotel, a restaurant row and open marine habitats (where marine enthusiasts can learn to swim and dive with the fishes) in just one location.

FYI: The marine-themed mall and hotel is set to open in mid-2008 while the open marine habitats are also set to open in the second quarter of 2008.

Adults: PhP400.00
Kids: PhP 350.00
Special rates are available for group and school tours.

3rd World Pyro Olympics
It's an annual event competition amongst countries featuring the largest and most intense fireworks display in the world. This time, it will be held at the Bay Area of the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

March 29 China (CN) vs Germany (DE)
April 05 Korea (KR) vs Canada (CA)
April 12 Japan (JP) vs Australia (AU)
April 19 Italy (IT) vs Venezuela (VE)
April 26 France (FR) vs PHILIPPINES (PH)

If I'm not mistaken, tickets cost PhP100.00 or you can just view the fireworks from afar for FREE. =)

Why not? Any of these events/places may probably be a pleasant excuse to enjoy and have fun with your family, friends and loved ones. It can be a venue where you can bring your mom and dad, spend time with them since you've been so busy with your work, friends and social life; forgetting all about them (I feel guilty).

There are also times you wish you can share a little of your time to catch and patch up that almost-taken-for-granted relationship you had with your siblings. Sisters? Brothers? The more, the merrier as they say. Revive the blood and life that links you together.

Checking these events/places can also be an option on how to spend Family Day with your wifey or hubby and of course, the kids. Weekends as always are fun times for the young ones.

If you feel guilty because you think (and your friends do, too) you have neglected the bond that ties you with people close to you, why don't you invite them and celebrate the good and bad times together?

Siempre, these are the events and places to be as well for those in the never-platonic relationship. Boy-girl, girl-boy having fun, sharing laughter. After all, romantic relationships lasts longer (forever?) when you also know how to be friends with each other.

Honestly, it's all pure, clean fun.

PS. Don't forget your cameras. It doesn't matter what type of camera you have. What matters is that you capture that memorable, touching moment - a smile from your baby, laughter from your children, kisses, hugs, pats from your parents, siblings, hubby, wife, toasts and cheers from friends.

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