Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #26

Dear Me,

Here's my
T13 this Thursday.

Reflecting the year that had past, I am catching up my resolutions for year 2008.

graphic courtesy of Amy @ Tales From Creekistan

Thirteen Resolutions For 2008

  1. Respect my parents more.

  2. Tone down about pointing the not-so-good side of other people.

  3. Keep to myself about my frustrations regarding family life.

  4. Be more efficient in multi-tasking.

  5. Read more books.

  6. Learn a new hobby.

  7. Find ways to save on things.

  8. Sell unnecessary stuff in my possession.

  9. Gain new, real friends and fortify old, reliable friendships.

  10. Be more aware of the world I live in.

  11. Be a good daughter to my parents, a good sibling to my sister and brother, a good wife to hubby and a good mom to my baby.

  12. Catch up with my baby stuff readings.

  13. Bond more with my baby.

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  1. I wish you the best of luck with those. Even if you succeed with only some of them, it will be a very successful year.

  2. Very good resolutions. I have the Thursday 13 of the Chinese New Year this week. Hope to see you there for a visit.

    AND!! Good luck in the baby's contest! He's adorable.

  3. What a great set of goals! Hope you have a very successful year! Happy T-13!

  4. Sounds like a lot of good things to work on. I could work on all of those too.

  5. Those are all very good plans! I like your way of thinking - positive always turns things into good things :) Happy TT and thanks for your visit. (That little tike is seriously a cutie pie!)

  6. Sounds like a lot of very good resolutions to me. Your baby is adorable by the way. Have a great TT. :)

  7. Those are solid, ambitious resolutions! I wish you luck, and thanks for visiting my TT.

  8. Add this one: be kind to yourself!

  9. I need to work on all of those things too! Great list.

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    Livin' With Me

  10. Great goals, success in achieving them all. you can do it!
    Thanks for visiting my Dalai Lama TT.


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