Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Template Tweak

Dear Me,

I've been quite bored with my not-so-old template. Last night, I decided to change it but never got on with it since
Miguel was unusually restless.

A few hours back, I searched for free blog templates sporting my favorite color: purple. I had some selections but this one from
Blogs Gone Wild surely caught my attention.

I love it. =)

But, I have to clean up my sidebar. It is surely messy. I have to eradicate dead links and do some updates. I also have to remove some stuff to make sure that my blog will load faster when viewed.

Let me know if you have suggestions. Post away! =)

PS. In case you encounter an unreadable blog (all pink stripes instead of the light pink text section), kindly refresh your browser. =)


  1. Cute new template girl! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I like the color scheme of the template, but it makes it almost impossible to read.


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