Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #27

Dear Me,

Here's my
T13 for today.

The week is almost about to end. As a newbie house mom, I still have a lot of stuff to do - chores and errands that I ought to do daily and/or anyday till Saturday. Hope I can accomplish them quick.

graphic courtesy of Chaotic Home

Thirteen Chores/Errands I Need
To Accomplish By Saturday

  1. Claim my new atm card from the local bank.

  2. Deposit savings for Miguel and moi.

  3. Apply online for a copy of my father's birth certificate.

  4. Request my sister to get me a bank deposit slip (in relation to #3).

  5. Contact Huggies for prize redemption.

  6. Write a letter to my brother.

  7. Read the pile of magazines (SP, GH) I have recently purchased.

  8. Pay up my sister for some shopping purchased we had last time.

  9. Go to the post office and mail books and letters.

  10. Finish reading a Margaret Truman book.

  11. Mop the floors.

  12. Wash the family's dirty laundry. (I'm just about to start)

  13. Throw garbage.

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  1. You are going to be busy! Good luck with it all!


    Landscapes & Cityscapes

  2. About to read a Margaret Truman book? That makes two of us!

  3. Welcome to my daily lists! Happy TT!

  4. Good luck with your list! I hope you save some time to enjoy Valentine's Day! :-D

  5. Good luck with those magazines, I've got about 4 years worth that I'm behind...I think they go into the corners and multiple.

  6. wow! you have a busy couple of days coming up! good luck!
    happy t13 and i hope your valentine's day is a wonderful one!

  7. Oh yes, speaking of which, I should probably get off my duff and try to accomplish something today.

  8. Laundry, ah yes, that reminds
    me :) Happy Valentine's and
    thanks for stopping by my TT!


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