Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Turning To A Couch Potato

Dear Me,

I have something to admit. I don't really watch tv. But being cooped in the house all day with just my baby boy
Miguel, the laundry and laptop that occupy my entire day, I turned to the boobtube for relaxation. Well, I have my books but that's given already. Anyway, what I'm admitting is that I had developed a routine - like I watch Channel 2's GKNB, Wowowee, Prinsesa Ng Banyera then push button in the remote control for Channel 7's My Only Love, Come Back Soon-Ae. Nyahahaha. Jologs daw. Well, I thought so, too but the important thing is I am having fun.

GKNB - I am so "inlababoo" with Edu Manzano. Such a very pleasant, funny, witty man for a game host. I even do the Papaya dance. Hahaha.

Wowowee - I never liked Willy Revillame then. Sometimes, I hate him for making fools out of the contestants and delivering double meaning statements (referring to his playboy image -- playboy ba siya?). But you know what? I sorta think that he has a kind, generous heart. He can also be baduy when it comes to hosting and speaking English (hehehe) but there are times (a lot of times) that I find myself thrown off my seat from laughing so hard whenever he interviews contestants in the game. Well, actually, it is the contestant that totally rocks my day.

Prinsesa Ng Banyera - I can do away with this series. I find Kristine Hermosa not a good actress. She delivers her lines like she's reading them.

My Only Love - Discovered it when I found Channel 2's folllow-up to Prinsesa Ng Banyera kinda jologs. So I shifted to Channel 7. Of course, it's a love story and I haven't have a dose of it (even from pocketbooks) since time immemorial. Honestly, I didn't know at first who the actors and actresses were. They're nameless to me since I consider myself more of a "kapamilya" rather than a "kapuso." Hehehe. Anyway, I found the tandem of Mark Herras and Rhian Ramos kinda "kilig" at first but later on, baduy na. Rhian's acting has become so monotonous for me. But I do acknowledge how great Sherilyn Reyes' performance as a villain. She's totally convincing.

Come Back Soon-Ae - Hehehe. I totally dig this Korean tv series! I wasn't actually planning on watching this but I found myself laughing the first time. So I watched it the next day. It's drama but the comedy's there. I genially applaud the Pinoy dubbers of this Korean show. I love the three (3) main characters: Soon-Ae, Leo and Joan.


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