Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday - Wall Posters

Dear Me,

Having been a regular lurker of
5 Minutes For Mom, I found myself succumbing (for the very first time) to this Tuesday meme called Tackle It Tuesday.

This meme is definitely apt for me, considering I'm what you may call a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom). Being a house mom absolutely includes working around the house (obviously...hehehe) and getting those chores done. Some tasks may not also be limited to household chores but also to some projects or errands in my to-do list.

I think participating in this meme will be fun and make house work a little more exciting. Don't you think so? :)

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

To start off, I'm posting these after-photos of what was supposed to be a bare wall. With the thought of my baby, Carlos Miguel, growing up and in the stages of being curious and interested about his surroundings, I urged my hubby that we bought colorful, educational posters and mount them off our wall in the bedroom.

The results:

To join: kindly add the meme's banner by simply copying and pasting the code into your tackle it post and/or link back to so that folks can find other participants. Then add your url to the "Mr. Linky" at the bottom of the current "Tackle It Tuesday" post at 5 Minutes For Mom and leave a comment.

P.S. Remember your projects can be big or small. We are all so busy I know (especially on long weekends.) That is why we left certain tasks undone in the first place. So if you only have fifteen minutes to tackle something - No Worries! For example, you could find a drawer or a shelf in your house that needs some attention and then celebrate the order that you have restored in that little part of your world. Many weeks my projects will be just small steps in the greater goal of gaining control of my house.

Also, tackles are not limited to housework. Any task you need to accomplish can qualify for Tackle It Tuesday.

We're making housework blog-able!

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Come and join the fun! :)


  1. Nice! We used to have some cool posters like those, but they have all slowly either been torn up, fallen down, or put away when we moved and never put up again. The last one is a United States Map in the living room.

    We need some more!

  2. those posters look so helpful!
    Tacckle It Tuesday's...I'll have to join this fun meme next week!
    enjoyed your blog!
    can't wait for more visits!
    Thanks for the visit.
    Blessings, Lisa

  3. Guess who won prize INTL #2?
    Yep it's you! Please be patient while the prize donor is contacted. They will be in touch with you soon. Congratulations!!!!!!!

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  5. Miguel's been staring long at the posters when he's in bed. Usually, he cries when he realizes that he'll be put down. But lately, he's been all curious what's in the wall. :)

    HAPPY PANDA, thanks. I got it. :)Congratulations for the party coordination. It was fun.


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