Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #28

Dear Me,

I've laid low from jotting the keys of my laptop for three (3) weeks I think. I just seem not to find the time to sit down, relax and take off the thoughts off my head and transmit them here.

I'm back. Sort of.

Anyway, it's been two (2) hours since the clock ticked midnight and it's another new day: a Thursday.

A round of
Thursday Thirteen to jumpstart my almost-dull life online. :)

Thirteen Things On Top Of My Head

  1. Flattered and touched (emotionally, ok) by Jon for considering me a close friend as he posted and celebrated his blog's 5th anniversary.

  2. I haven't claimed my new atm savings account card. It's been more than a month, I guess.

  3. Gratitude/appreciation to Emmyrose, Pinay Mommy Ruby, Trinity for the blog awards galore; to Rosemarie, Wifespeak for the tags they shared with me.

  4. I'm overwhelmingly ecstatic when I received a 5-digit cheque for my maternity reimbursement via mail.

  5. I'll be sending a birthday card for my brother Jeff overseas. He's turning 26 this month.

  6. I'm planning of making a scrapbook for my brother for his birthday and mail it to him overseas. But I learned that he's going home soon for a vacation so I decided that it will be better to give it to him personally as a "going-away" present when he leaves.

  7. Received my renewed HSBC Mabuhay Miles credit card.

  8. Thinking that I've been so hard of myself and feeling emotionally deprived of something, I splurged on books. It felt like heaven. :)

  9. Speaking of books, I *heart* Margaret Truman as a first-rate murder mystery writer. Hubby has been completing my collection. :)

  10. About books again, I was kind of disappointed when my request to do a particular book review (it's a baby book) was rejected (despite the fact that it's for free). It was because they couldn't ship that book to me from the Americas. *sigh*

  11. Am I such a late bloomer? Would you believe that it's only now that I get to see American Idol? Before, I didn't understand the fuss why some people go loco over it and didn't care if they do. Lately, I've been waiting for it on QTV beginning Wednesday till Friday.

  12. Yeah, yeah. I'm becoming a fan of some Tagalized-dubbed telenovelas: Korean and Taiwanese. Hmm. I'm actually having fun. :)

  13. My adorable 1st-born, Miguel, just turned five (5) months yesterday. He's growing so fast. :)

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  1. that was a nice peak into your head

  2. I was given a Margaret Truman novel not so long ago. I haven't read it yet but I'm looking forward to doing so.

  3. Sometimes it's great to take a little break! Welcome back!

    Happy TT!

  4. hi sis about the topic, anything goes ba?

  5. oi. salamat sa blog plug. lol. how's being a mom? i'm sure kahit hindi madali, enjoy naman, di ba? kelan tayo magkakape nina miguel? umiinom na ba ng barako yan? hehehe... regards kay dex.


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