Monday, April 14, 2008

Manic Monday #2

Dear Me,

Another new week
. Hubby took a leave from work to meet his cousin who's currently in Manila from Cebu. Sistah is as usual, always in a hurry at work. Mamu was also on leave because she woke up late. Hehehe. Papa is doing some carpentry work in the stairway in preparation for the construction of glass doors in the 2nd and 3rd floors by some professional builders. These same people also made our terrace looked nicer and better. Half of our terrace is now built with sliding windows.

Miguel is awake all day and very playful. I, on the other hand, can't do any chores. Well, I am bound to have a sleepless night tonight as I do my planned tasks for the day while my sweet baby succumbs to slumberland. Anyway, I'm getting the hang of it. :)

Is there anything for which you would willingly give your life?
~~ Like any other moms, I would willingly and without question or condition exchange my life to protect my baby from any harm or ill-doings that may come to him.

How would you communicate with someone if you didn't share a common language?
~~ Oh, this had happened to me a lot of times. I used to work with various expats and not sharing a common language had hindered us from communicating well with one another. I solved the dilemma by combining hand gestures, drawing and usage of basic words to relate the context to them. So far, they understood me.

Where is your ideal place/location to have a wedding?
~~ Ideally, I really want a garden wedding for I dream of being blessed with heavenly brightness and surrounded with flowers as I share the sanctity of the ceremony with my partner.

Join the fun here.

Have a pleasant week!


  1. I would definitely agree with your #1. Have a great week Ivan! :)

  2. thanks tere! :) i guess one's perspective changes when a kid of your own flesh and blood is involved.

  3. I took "anything" literally. LOL!

    But ofcourse I would give my life for my children.

    What a great manic monday you have here!

    Feel welcome to visit my manic monday at Laane on the World

    Have a great week!

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sounds like a great wedding plan/dream there. :D



  5. Great post, with very clever responses. Hope you had a happy Manic Monday!

    My post

  6. hi ivan gurl,

    jen here. i know, been such sa long time. i hope u didnt forget bout me. I previously running "malditabratinella" site but i shut it down. we met at BE, remember? anyway, just saw ur blog while browsing and thought i should leave a message. Your married na pala! ei, regards.



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