Saturday, April 5, 2008

Musings At This Hour

Dear Me,

The house is so silent, save for the humming of the air-con. Everyone's in their own slumberland, even dear

  • I have accumulated a humongous pile of books beginning this year, on top of the rest of the books I had bought last year and the years before that. It seems like I'm quick enough to acquire them than be able to read them. I really ought to make a list of my TBR to keep track of my books as well as urge my hubby to buy me a new bookshelf for my collection. It's getting too congested here in our room with all my books and I love them so much that I don't want them lying in the floor.

  • And speaking of books, I am sorely tempted to participate in a couple of book reading challenges. I am still checking them out which perk my bibliophilic interest.

  • I am looking for a copy of the Japanese manga-inspired movie entitled Nana. I believed it was shown in 2006, if I wasn't mistaken (was I?).

    image c/o NYT

    Nana is a tale of unlikely friendship between two(2) girls sporting the same name despite having stark diversity of their backgrounds. Coincidentally meeting in a train trip bound for Tokyo, both girls struggle through hardships as they search for love and life's meaning.

    The ImaginAsian Theatre in New York City will screen the movie during April 4-10.

  • Word for the day: insouciance

    I was reading New York Times online and I came across this word. I have heard and read this word before but then I wasn't too keen then to learn more about it. So today, I made the effort.

    Accordingly, it is a noun defined as affected nonchalance, blithe indifference, emotional coolness.

    I was a little confused if this word connotes negative or positive reference. Further meaning search yielded:
    - the cheerful feeling you have when nothing is troubling you
    - may be an indifference that borders on snobbery

    I can deduce that this word can either be in positive and negative connotations based on the context it is being used.


  1. that NANA sounds interesting. i've tried to watch jap soap once but i didn't really like it.

    hope you can join the parade. starting point will be from my blog. thanks.

  2. it's good to learn something everyday. :)

  3. I have the NANA "very orig" DVD. Very orig because it was given to me by a japanese. Never had the chance to watch it but Sheryll was crying after seeing it hehehe.

    Want me to burn you a copy? Ask Dex to get it from me. I'll be there 18-23.

    Wala lang...hehehe... Musta si Miguel?


  4. EVI, i heard it's good daw eh. might as well check it out.

    parade? will visit your blog in a while to see what's cooking.. :)

    WILLA, i was thinking of using the word in a sentence in response to you (of course, the + way) but i can't thing of anything that fits. :)

    DADI ROY, aloha! hehehe. really you have a copy?

    *grinning* would love to have a copy so pa-burn! Dex will surely get it from you.

    18-23? business trip with the jap boss? or with leisure? hahaha.

    Miguel's fine at 6 months. He's very naughty, already babbling his own words (siya pa lang nakakaintindi...hehehe).

    will send you photos. :)

    ps, what's your email and snail mail addy pala?


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