Thursday, April 3, 2008

American Idol Thoughts

Dear Me,

  • As I have mentioned before, Season 7 is the very first time that I took interest in watching American Idol. So, I sort of religiously watched the reality tv show. Although I felt sorry for our very own Ramiele Malubay for bidding everyone tonight adieu, I really never rooted her out to be The American Idol. Top contender, maybe but The One, I don't think so. Since Chikezie was booted out early on, it has to be either of these three (3): David Cook, Carly Smithson, Brooke White, respectively.

    Ramiele Malubay

  • I love David Cook ever since. Probably because of his rock star attitude. I have a thing for NEAT rock stars. :)

    David Cook

  • About Carly, she really has the voice power to be an AI. Simon Cowell is right about her wardrobe. I felt the same way when I saw her again yesterday wearing a black sleeveless top showing her tattooed arm. At first, it was fine but it seemed like she was donning the same top. It's time for her to show everyone that she's a star. Good move when she wore a yellow printed blouse tonight. It really looked fantastic on her. :)

  • About Brooke, I really agree that she has a great chance and has the potential to be an AI. I sort of dislike it when she tries to appease or agree with what the judges are saying. Or everytime when the judges say their pieces, she belts out her own even though they're not yet done talking. I am not saying that's how she's doing it but that's how it appears to me. It's my opinion.

    Simon Cowell

  • About the judges, Randy Jackson looks and sounds neutral to me. Paula Abdul is a great singer. I sort of grew up hearing her name in the house when I was a little girl. But as a speaker or conversationalist, I dare say she's not that good. She isn't spontaneous as she delivers her comments. Anyway, she is there to judge the AI contestants' talents and not to talk. Ah, Simon Cowell! I love this Brit. *sigh* I love it when he speaks and winks his eye when he's pleased. Mmm. He can be harsh sometimes but I think this guy has a heart. :)

    Ryan Seacrest

  • And the gorgeous host, Ryan Seacrest? I adore him as well. I love it when he opens the show with "America, this is American Idol." I also enjoy it when he and Simon do their verbal swordplay.

Well, that's about it. Hmm. I wonder who'll be cut out next? Does anyone has a prediction?


  1. Sayang si ramiele. 'Di kasi maganda 'ung mga pinipili n'yang songs. Sana binirit n'ya talaga. Ganda pa naman ng boses n'ya, noh?

  2. Personally, I'd like David Cook or Michael Johns to win it. As far as Simon, I never knew if people were for real when they said they loved Simon. I mean he's a good judge but I don't find him attractive. Read what I think about the rest of the judges on my blog

  3. WILLA/VESSA, right. Ramiele should have chosen even better songs for herself since they were a handful na lang and it's pagalingan na talaga. Sayang...

    CALLMEKELLY, I prefer David Cook! :D Love the guy.

    About Simon being sexy, maybe they're referring not the physical way but more like his attitude. Some kinda of a snob but smiles once in a while. :)


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