Tuesday, June 24, 2008

At Work: Back in 2K

Dear Me,

I met them way back year 2000. We were hired months away from each other. I was the first one to be hired by the organization, followed by
TJ then by Jho.

TJ & Jho

TJ and I had the same nature of work. Ours is project-based and that meant travelling a lot. During our first 2-3 years, mine entailed aggressive out-of-town opportunities.

Honestly, I wasn't close to them for I didn't had the chance. Besides, I had this grown attitude of distancing myself from people because I had issues with trust.

Through the years that passed after that, I got jealous of their closeness. Other colleagues came into the picture and they all seemed to be a happy, tight bunch. I never got in.

I was in my normal sometimes civil, sometimes wacky self during work hours. But when I felt so out of place in the group, I managed to totally avoid them during the happy hours (meaning, the lunch-outs or the after office-hour gimmicks).

I didn't feel missed out in the happy hours because it was at this point in my independent life that every night, I was out hooking up with other friends and having the party of my life.

Time came when I had outgrown the bad attitude and began joining them. We had lunch-outs, dinner dates with other common friends, fun at the Time Zone, hitting the malls, etc. Actually, I had fun during those times.

But I still felt not close to them. It was like there was this wall between me and them.

Anyway, a lot of things had passed and we all left and treaded our own separate ways.

during happy times

Now, we are not that very close as I would have imagined but we still keep in touch. They are good friends despite that.

Somehow to keep the bond, I chose them as my firstborn's godmoms. :)


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