Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Exist With A Hundred

Dear Me,

Can you even think of living this life with only 100 things in your possession? Do you think it's possible to exist in this complicated, materialistic world with only 100 items in your name?

Dave Bruno is having The 100 Thing Challenge to de-clutter his family home in San Diego.
By my thirty-seventh birthday on November 12, 2008 I will have only 100 personal items. I will live for at least one year (God willing) maintaining an inventory of only 100 personal things. This challenge will help me "put stuff in its place" and also explore my belief that "stuff can be good when it serves a purpose greater than possession alone."

I would love to subscribe to his goal of de-cluttering stuff but purging them to only 100 is absolutely impossible for me. How can I do that if I have a baby in the house, a hobby collection of books, bags, postcards and letters, my hubby's penchant for keeping CDs and DVDs, toys?

What everyone usually do to eliminate unwanted and unnecessary belongings is to throw, donate or sell them. I deposit stuff that I haven't use in 3-5 years in the trash can. If I don't like an item anymore but it's still usable, I donate it. I sell it if I think it's too valuable to let go.

Honestly, I find a great satisfying emotion thinking and seeing that I had somehow eliminated the unwanted stuff at home. De-cluttering also brings me joy plus a smile over fond memories when I bumped into old reminders of the past. :)

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