Sunday, June 29, 2008

House Mess

Dear Me,

When I was younger (meaning 10-15 years ago), my mom imposed a general cleaning schedule in the house. Usually, my sister and I were ordered to help. Most of the time, we found ourselves loathing doing the chore because that meant less or no time at all for our own leisure pursuits.

But as we grew up and learned to discern what responsibilities we have for ourselves, whether inside or outside the four walls of our house, somehow we had forgone this task that had been part of our childhood.

And the result (hehehe...):

wonder who owns this clutter?

the other side of her room

Well, the mess is from my sister's room. Hehehe. Sorry sis! :)

She is a busy girl who works late and doesn't seem to have much time because of other work-related stuff. Besides, she doesn't have a penchant for house or room cleaning for that matter. Sometimes, I wonder how she can sleep in that room of hers. Hehehe.

And when my mom pops in her room, they usually end up having a petty quarrel because my mother orders her to sort her stuff and my sister will make a thousand and one excuses.

Despite that, I have seen my sister take the initiative to clean her room in more than one occasion. For that, I let her be.

On the other hand, I am the type of person who loathe seeing a state of disorder anyplace in the house; that is, areas where I pass by, sleep, eat, rest. Ultimately, it is a crime for me to have our bedroom in complete chaos.

fresh laundry

That was the heap of clean clothes I was folding while Miguel was busy playing on the other side of the bed. Usually, I always end up re-folding them whenever he decides to wrestle with the pile of folded clothes. Hehehe.

my own space of clutter

There is a nook in our room where I typically dump my stuff (for sorting) in the floor. Like photo above, I pile my current bills, receipts, books for reading, recently received parcels and the main-stay in that corner: my mini-shredder, where I shred unwanted yet confidential papers.

So, how do you deal with clutter in your own homes? :)


  1. madumi ako kapag nasa kwarto ko ako, pero kapag iiwan ko na yung room ko like every weekend nasa tito ko ako, I make it sure na malinis ang room ko pgbalik sa trabaho, I spend my weekdays sa work ganun din, pero bago ako umalis for weekend...dapat malinis din ang room ko dun :)

    Naalala ko yung The Undomestic Goddess sa room ng sis mo lol!

    nasa Canada na po ako isang taon na rin :), sayang kung nagkita sana tayo bago ko umalis ng Singapore ano?

  2. paguluhan na lang ng kwarto! hehe :)

  3. I'm the same way everything has to be in its place. If not I'm going crazy looking for something. I think your son is the cutest thing and I love his latin name! Stop by my blog you won the book!! See ya later!

  4. lol what messy rooms indeed! i havent been here for a while and i can see you have tons of post i need to catch up with.

    btw i read somewhere, that a tidy house reflects a life wasted. ha! 8)


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