Thursday, July 24, 2008

Somebody Received Something From Me

Dear Me,

I love receiving letters, postcards and parcels from the mail. It is just typical that I have become friendly with Mr. Mailman who is kinda pleasant, too. He will always buzz the house and shout my name (I stay in the 3rd floor of the house that's why), screaming that he got something for me.

Anyway, it is just befitting that as much as I am fond of receiving something, I am also pleased to send something out. Except for the sky-rocketing rates of shipping packages overseas, I cherish the excitement of mailing a little of me to someone so far away - be it a cute postcard reminding them of home, a novel-like letter telling tales of everything around me or a small package, which I have wrapped with care and a smile in my face. :)

postcards and packages sent

The above photo was a collection of postcards and packages (books entirely) I have mailed. These postcards traveled to Finland, France, the Netherlands, Taiwan and USA under the Postcrossing project. On the other hand, the parcels were received by two people in the metro, one in Denmark and two people in the USA.

Do you love receiving and sending mails? Have you received or sent something lately? :)

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  1. awww...i miss receiving actual mail nga!!! :)


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