Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #29

Dear Me,

I'm feeling like I wanna be organized and that most of the time, I jot all my things-to-do, errands, important reminders, schedules in my blog. I checked my blog posts for the month of July and included them in my list below.

Just for the benefit of wanting to accomplish tasks left hanging, I opted to add them up in my
Thursday Thirteen post today.

I allocate my thirteen (13) things to be done within thirteen (13) days. I have thirteen (13) stuff here but only covering eleven (11) days at the least --- just in case I don't wrap them up in the desired time, I still got two (2) days to finish them all.

Thirteen Things To Do Within Thirteen Days
(July 31-August 12)

  1. Register received postcards at --------> July 31

  2. Wrap our gift for Janelle (Jovee's baby) who will be celebrating her first birthday on August 2. --------> August 1

  3. See to it that Miguel's playpen and toys are cleaned up. --------> August 2, AM

  4. Attend Janelle's birthday. --------> August 2, PM

  5. Counter-check the books I have won with those that were now in my possession and inform the wonderful senders by thanking them. --------> August 3

  6. Send a postcard to Laura and Susha of BM for their kindness. --------> August 4

  7. Finish my books' database. --------> August 5

  8. Dust off the chairs. --------> August 6

  9. As a sign of appreciation to those who take time to read and comment in this blog posts, I will return the favor by doing the same. --------> August 7

  10. Update my Year Of Reading list. --------> August 8

  11. Purchase a cabinet with a table counter of some sort for groceries' stocks. --------> August 9, AM

  12. Meet Jeni, have coffee and chit-chat about the good, old days. --------> August 9, PM

  13. "Relocate" the dining area. --------> August 10

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  1. I don't think I could narrow MY list down to 13--good job!


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