Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Your Flavor?

Dear Me,

Looking back, I was never really an ice cream person. I am more of a cake person. But if we are going to talk about flavor, it's always a toss between chocolate and coffee. I love these two (2) flavors. No questions asked. :)

For fun, I took this mini-quiz. I got curious what's my mood at the moment.

The result:

You're Coffee.

Compared to other ice creams, coffee ice cream has a strong flavor, and it's packed with caffeinated sweetness. You're like that, too! You're always busy, and determined to stay focused as you move from one task to the next. You get frustrated when other people slow you down or hold you back, but when you're in control, you can find ways around any obstacle.

6% of the people who took this quiz got the same evaluation.

This quiz really hits me bull's eye!

PS. Hoping that the sun will soon peek out of the clouds. It has been raining cats and dogs here for the past few days.

It's time for that mug of hot coffee! Mmm.

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