Monday, August 4, 2008


Dear Me,

I would like to think of myself as carefree, lenient and organized. I would love to live independent and free.

Speaking of being organized, mine doesn't border in the extreme (although I was told I always act on that side). I would love to see clutter but I loathe it when it's already becoming an eyesore and a mountain of trash.

In the house, I am 'allergic' in seeing unwanted and unnecessary stuff. Extra boxes, tin cans, cartons, plastic bags, old newspapers, old clothes, 'ancient' belongings - I would love to see them go.

Contemplating my many recent attempts, I discovered that:

  • dust, cobwebs, ants, mosquitoes, roaches, spiders, lizards are always present in this activity.

  • the 3R (Recycle, Re-use, Reduce) comes into play.

  • it takes a lot of time just to do the sorting, cleaning, piling, segregation of a lot of things you wanted out of the house.

  • it's hard to let go of some things that remind you about the past.

  • nothing gets thrown when your mother joins you in your de-cluttering project. Hehehe.

Anyway, I got pretty interested when I bumped into this blog called Decluttering Myself.

Clare, who owns the blog challenges herself "to dispose one item that she deemed unnecessary every day for one year."

She had set some rules such as:

  1. at least one object a day;

  2. should recycle wherever possible;

  3. before she acquires anything new, she has to throw something else away first (this excludes items such as food, paper, ink cartridges, pens, stamps and other consumables).

  4. shall continue for 356 days until June 15th, 2009.

  5. shall post weekly listing daily disposals.

Considering her rules, I may have to bent some of them. I will declutter:
  • one super tiny corner (it's really, really a small area) of the house everyday (as long as I can help it).

  • continuously practice 3R.

  • continuously de-clutter as long as I see unwanted mess in the house.

Tomorrow, I will start with this one:

Didn't I mention it will just be such a little nook in the house? :) I'm taking this one step at a time since taking care of my baby takes precedence over a lot of things. Taking into account the fact that I don't have any house help, I'm mostly preoccupied with baby care.

I hope to accomplish this task along with the other tasks.

What's your take about de-cluttering? Hope you can share your insights. :)

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  1. "nothing gets thrown when your mother joins you in your de-cluttering project."

    >>i must agree with that..:)


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