Friday, September 5, 2008


Dear Me,

Ever since I discovered this site early this year, I have long wanted to participate. I never really got on with it, so to speak. It's been three (3)
BAFAB weeks that had passed me by.

Anyway, this is the fourth and last week so I am not allowing myself to be left out of the fun and excitement!

It is no question why I am motivated to participate. It's all about books and they are just one of the chosen few in the world that bring a wicked smile in my face. Hehehe.

What is BAFAB?

BAFAB stands for Buy A Friend A Book. It's an awesome site that promotes love for reading and friendships. Basically, it is all about surprising someone or anyone with a book or books as a gift during the first weeks of every January, April, July and October or the so-called "Buy A Friend A Book Weeks." What is so exhilarating about this idea is that you give books as gifts for no reason at all.

Since I am participating for the first time this year, I am still thinking what book to give. Also, I am considering whether the said book will come from my TBR pile or a newly-bought prize from the bookstore. Added to that, I am still figuring out how will I go about hosting this book giveaway.

PS. Next month is October so don't forget to drop by. :)


  1. huy gusto ko yan..paano ba? :)

  2. melai, visit the BAFAB site. During the BAFAB week, a lot of blogs will be giving away books. Most of them will just request you to comment on the specific blog post and your name is entered in the drawing.

    I have won before and a lot of them, too, is sending your book prize internationally.

    I will be conducting my own BAFAB giveaway post and yes, I will be sending international! :)

    Just wait for my post. :)


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