Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gossip Girl Thoughts

Dear Me,

I never thought I would even attempt to watch it. It's too high-schooler for me. Even trashy, in fact.

I didn't like the idea of wasting time viewing this new teen tv series. Why would I? Young, rich girls belonging to the elite social circle in Manhattan's Upper East Side, wasting their beautiful lives over mundane to almost senseless things?

For one, I didn't like Serena (as played by Blake Lively). She didn't portray the supposed beauty that boys or even the society would drool about.

Nate (Chace Crawford) is such a weak character for a guy linked to two (2) strong female characters.

Third, I abhor
Chuck (Ed Westwick). He is a big, hateful pain in the butt.

Well, I had somehow watched it - a few episodes of it.

It was a boring late night and hubby (could you believe it?) was effortlessly watching it. I decided to hop in and watch, minus the popcorn and soda, of course.

I couldn't recall how many episodes we had continuously viewed that time. We called it a night (despite the fact that it was already early dawn) when our eyes called us to slumberland.

Blair Waldorf

Anyway, I still found it too 'teenish' but I learned to like a few things.

  • I adore Blair's (Leighton Meester) choice of fashion. I love her wardrobe.

  • I like Kelly Rutherford (as Serena's mom) as much as I liked her in E-Ring.

  • Most of all, I am too curious to know who is Gossip Girl, the person behind the blog where social scoops spread out like fire.

    Gossip Girl is now on its second season.

    Have you watched this teen show? Do you like it? :)

    1. your hubby watch it?

      no wonder i also watch it. hahaha...

      but i like Serena a lot. Blair is ok, yeah she can be the bitch. But I am starting to like her too when she and Serena became ok.

      Serena's mom is much much beautiful that Serena right? hahaha...

    2. ehehe, guilty pleasure ko ito.
      gusto ko nga yung characters na hindi type ng majority ng si vanessa tsaka si little jenny. ako lang sguro...

      tho true, ang classy ni lily van der woodsen. sya pinaka-favorite ko sa show and also blair.

    3. lol! I watch One Tree Hill on DVD's :)

    4. lol I love....... Gossip Girl.

      and im watching the new season. for those that miss it, its easy to watch it online.

    5. dak, yes my hubby watches it. As in he was the main reason why I've come to know about GG. Hehehe.

      judie, i am just watching this talaga because of Blair and Serena's mom. I like it when Blair is being bitchy and Serena's mom is so classy.

      melai, how come I never really liked One Tree Hill? Siempre hubby ko ulit nag-intro ng series na yan. hehehe.

      bombchell, I still have to watch the new season of GG.

    6. i watch both gossip girl and one tree hill.. my first love was oth but i'm kinda behind a few episodes now so i focus more on gg..but both shows are really good!! =)


    It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!