Saturday, September 20, 2008

PEx Days

Dear Me,

Sometimes, I couldn't help but miss the good, old days. You know, going to parties, hooking-ups with new and old friends alike.

I was then an active
PExer and through this forum, I forged good, real friendships with other members.

Photos from our 'younger' years:


  • She was the 'initiator' of eyeballs in the forum, party girl.

  • He looked so thin then but now, wow! Muscle man na. He added some muscle and now has the right to wear fit body-hugging shirts. I'm sure that behind the shirt is a 6-pack abs. Uy....Hahaha!

  • She is thin pa rin daw despite the fact that she eats a lot.

  • I love this girl for being so cool to be with. I miss her. I think now, she's engaging in photography.

  • She is now working in Singapore after leaving US. According to her, wala daw papa dun sa state niya. Hahaha.

  • I simply don't know what to say about this guy. Kanino ba siyang stalker? Find him in the photo. Hehehe.

  • Who is this guy who we thought was listening to our chatter while waiting for Starbucks 6750 to close shop at 4am? He was peacefully dozing while slouched in one of the chairs.

  • Where is this boy, este girl? He/She was such a wacky person.

  • Smart girl from La Salle. Friendly and sweet. :)

Take a guess. Whoever guess them all right will get something from me. Hehehe.

PS. I didn't look like I'm a Makati working girl. It seemed like my mom just asked me to buy vinegar in the sari-sari store. Hahaha!


  1. hmmm.. si tj lang at sally nahulaan ko sa trivia mo?!!

  2. iniisip ko yung pangalan ni CARL. sya yung isa dyan sa blind item mo. hehehe..


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