Saturday, September 20, 2008

PhotoHunt: Road

Dear Me,

Miguel is still asleep as of this writing so I am grabbing the opportunity to join the PhotoHunt. This Saturday's theme is ROAD.

When I got the notification about this week's theme, this image popped into my head. I skimmed through my photo archives and wondered if I had the photo in mind. Luckily, it was there.

After an overnight trek to the mountains, it was finally a relief to walk the road that would lead us back to the city. It was my first climb in 2003 after being laid low for more than two (2) years. I was doubtful to join because I had no exercise and trekking for hours is muscle-straining and simply exhausting. Second, I wasn't feeling that well, too. I knew that sounded stupid. But I really loved to join my group so I climbed with them despite the odds. ---> (If I didn't join, I wouldn't have met and married the guy I am with now). Hehehe.

So, what about you? Does your photo theme for today elicit a special memory? :)

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  1. i love treks. Great that you found your hubby on an adventure trip!

  2. perfect photo for this week's theme,and btw, nice new look,I don't like, I LOVE IT!!!!


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