25 October 2008

Another Violet Collection

Dear Me,

I finally got this beautiful purse I ordered from my sister. When I first saw it in the catalogue last month, I told myself that I needed to have it.

Yes, it's another VIOLET stuff added to my collection. You know how much I love this color.

Another thing that I love about this new purse of mine is that it's a size smaller than the one I'm currently using. Looks neater I think.

It's not that I will be discarding this black wallet. It was a coming-home present from my brother overseas. I still love it, of course. I will still be using it interchangeably with the new one.

But at my current frame of mind, I will definitely be using my new VIOLET acquisition. :)

What's your favorite color? If you see something (like bags, pens, hankies, notebook covers, boxes, etc) that sports your favorite color, will you buy it?

1 comment:

  1. cute purses! parang all-occasion purses. nice =)

    i am known to love orange kaya i really can't resist buying any stuff even with a tinge of it lang. =)


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