Friday, October 24, 2008

Buy A Friend A Book (BAFAB) Book Winner

Dear Me,

It was sometime this morning that the winner for my first book giveaway was known. It was supposed to be drawn last October 18, a day after the declared deadline of this book giveaway.

Unfortunately, I miscalculated my schedule and had not taken into consideration that it was also the day the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon would commence.

Realizing that, I mentioned in prior that the winner would be announced yesterday, October 23, but my baby decided to take his time by napping longer than he should have.

This morning,
Miguel and I both found the right time and this was how we did it.

Before anything else, I would like to thank everyone who participated, who took the time to muse and write their own perspectives, who blogged this book giveaway in their own blogs, who subscribed to this blog's updates, etc.

Names were written in small yellow pads and placed in this empty pen holder. I shook the pen holder to make sure that the bits of paper were accordingly jumbled.

After which, I emptied the contents of the pen holder by scattering them in the floor, specifically at Miguel's puzzle mat.

Then, I let Miguel in the puzzle mat and had him his first pick.

Oh, here he comes to mama! :)

Wonder who bore the name in the small yellow pad that Miguel picked?

Yes, the winner of my 1st book giveaway and 1st
BAFAB participation is:

At 16/10/08 13:11 smilesandsunshine said:
My students are 7-8 years old and they keep me smiling. I am positive because I know it will make a difference in their life. Also, they make me give me hugs and say I love you everyday.

To Shauna, congratulations!

I checked your blog but I couldn't find your email address there. I will try sending you the news via
Bookmooch and through the blog entry you posted about this giveaway.

Thank you.


aajao said...

hang cute cute ni carlos miguel :D

darbyscloset said...

Darling play by play report!!!
Thanks for sharing!
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

smilesandsunshine said...

Thanks, Miguel! Good job!

It looks like you have my email now. I'm happy to win!

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