Sunday, October 26, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings: Two

Dear Me,

The family slept like 3:00am today. Our little boy was up and lively and decided to take a pooh-pooh an hour before that. Naturally, we woke up late. I got up at 9:00am while allowed hubby and baby to catch up with lost sleep.

I did my morning routine of sweeping the floor first, tidy up baby's toys in the puzzle mat, wash last night's dirty dishes in the sink.

While I boil water for my morning coffee, I prepped the ingredients for my fruit salad. After boiling water, I cooked rice and started making the fruit salad.

When I was done with my yummy dessert, I fried some eggs and longganisa and cooked asparagus soup.

That was how my morning went and I woke my boys around 11:00am to dine.

Well, I am hoping to have another weekend day full of ease and comfort and of course, a happy heart. :)

To re-introduce this mind exercise:

Unconscious Mutterings.
Free association is described as a "psychonanalytic procedure in which a person is encouraged to give free rein to his or her thoughts and feelings, verbalizing whatever comes into the mind without monitoring its content." Over time, this technique is supposed to help bring forth repressed thoughts and feelings that the person can then work through to gain a better sense of self.

That's an admirable goal, but for the purposes of this excercise, we're just hoping to have a little fun with the technique. Each week I'll post ten words to which you can respond to with the first thing that comes to mind.

"Rules are, there are no rules." There are no right or wrong answers. Don't limit yourself to one word responses; just say everything that pops into your head. AND you don't have to have your words up on Sunday. Take all week if you want! Read the FAQ for more information.

  1. Contemplate :: Choice/Decision

  2. In the house :: Home sweet home

  3. Classical :: Music

  4. Quest :: lost treasure

  5. Best friend :: dogs

  6. 1991 :: KGB and the Soviet Union cease to exist

  7. Never will :: can' and won't do

  8. Fool :: donkey

  9. Unhappy :: problems

  10. Best man :: wedding

Have time? Participate and let your mind do the muttering. :)


Hootin' Anni said...

Awwwwwwww, I like 'home sweet home'...and your #6---wow, that would be something I'd not remember at all. A history lesson. Super!!

Mine's posted. Stop by and say 'hey' if you can. Happy Sunday.

Everything and then Some..... said...

Same here, I love your "in the house" too. :D

MommyWizdom said...

We agreed on three and ten. I like your answer for eight. :-) Have a great Sunday!

MommyWizdom said...

BTW, I love your Lilypie - what a great idea... :-)

splummer said...

We match on 3 and 10. I like your word for Quest. Great one! Come to my place if you can. Take Care!!


Laane said...

Great mutterings, especially nr 2.

You can find my mutterings ::here::.

Have a great week!

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