Monday, November 17, 2008

Creative & Fabulous - Blog Template Giveaway

Dear Me,

A good blogger friend of mine,
Vessa, is holding a blog template holiday giveaway. Blogging at her new page at The unComplicated Chatters, she has been designing templates as a hobby. She set up PaperBack Designs to showcase her creative ability.

PaperBack Designs
offers customized designs for blogs, banners for etsy and entrecard. Aside from that, quite a number of fabulous blog templates are available for free download.

Here are some of my favorites:

I love modifying my blog template everytime I get bored with it. I think I've done a number of revisions just to satisfy my aesthetic blog whim.

Taking care of my baby and the house by myself (no available househelp) has hindered me from tweaking my blog template. I have no prior knowledge of html and most of the time, I tinker free templates according to my liking. Ask anyone and they would attest that it's really a time-consuming activity. Factoring time plus a minute how-to of html codes equals trial and error. With that, acquiring a blog's impression according to your satisfaction is a shoot-to-the-moon kind of thing.

As I said, she's having this blog template holiday giveaway. I am gunning for it because I want a fresh blog-do and her designs are simply fabulous! Up for grab is a
Creative Blogger Package from PaperBack Designs. It includes the following:
  • header image customization (image search)
  • "go back home" button for navigation to homepage
  • blog template
  • custom divider for your sidebar
  • custom post-signature
  • matching advertising button for your blog
  • 10 revisions BEFORE installation
  • free installation

Overall, this package is worth $30US.

This fab giveaway is being held at
Jess' place at Nothing But Purple (love the title, by the way). Want to have a beautiful blog make-over, head over here for the mechanics of this giveaway!

First entry: Tell Jess what I am looking or what I want for my blog.

---> I prefer a light, neat and fresh-looking blog - meaning with a background of a very light to lighter shade of purple, a 2-column template, a head banner consisting of photos of the things that define me as a person (if this is even possible), easy to load page, widget-friendly, a not-so-congested sidebar (with buttons that would link to another page containing menus from my sidebar). Hmm. I think that's all. Hahaha! :)

Extra entries:

---> I followed Jess and Vessa (been a follower for quite a while) in twitter.

---> This is my entry post about this giveaway linking both girls. :)

---> How long have I've been blogging? Well, I think for more than 5 years now.

--->I think my love for writing about everything is what motivates me to continuously maintain a blog.

--->Grab a button? Which button? Hehehe.

--->I twittered this giveaway.

--->I subscribed to
Nothing But Purple.

Well, there I go! Isn't it obvious that I really want to have a blog make-over? Hehehe. So if you want one for your virtual home in the web, join us! :)

Eligibility is limited to BLOGGER users only.
Deadline is November 23rd.


Vanessa said...

Hi Ivan!

Thanks for the post! You say my designs are fabulous? That really made my day. Thank you!

About the button, you should grab Jess' "Holiday Blog Party Button" and Paperback Designs' Button. If you want, you could also grab "The unComplicated Chatters' button", but that one is optional.

Ivan Girl said...

Yep, I really love your designs. Envious of your talent, actually. Hehehe.

So that's the button you are referring to. Will snitch the buttons in a while. Thanks. :)

Jess said...

Sorry for the confusion on the contest. One of the Holiday Buttons is fine and/or my actual blog button.

Thanks for the linkage. :) You did a wonderful job.

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