28 November 2008

Janelle, Baby McDo & Miguel

Dear Me,

These were taken last August 2, 08 when
Miguel attended Janelle's 1st Birthday Party at McDo.

Happy 1st Birthday, Janelle!

Miguel greeting the birthday celebrant

Miguel won something!

Miguel with Ninong Jovee & a pretty lady

Should you wanna know who Janelle is, she's the cute, little baby girl of good friend, Jovee! :)

Miguel & Janelle

hubby & Janelle

fathers & their babies

I was more than pleased because I had met again with Jovee, Maan and Burn whom I haven't seen for such a long time.

I also met Djo for the first time. She's one of my multiply contacts and I wasn't aware that she's Jovee's friend. :)


But I totally dig McDo fries! Hehehe.

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