Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Facts Learned Inside The Salon

Dear Me,

It was one of those rare weekends that my sister and I got to spend the littlest time available together. Usually, we ask each other weeks before if one would be free to 'undergo' a minor beauty 'chaka' such as hot oil, hair spa, trim, manicure/pedicure.

Well, she had herself a hot oil and I just decided to accompany her this time. I've been meaning to have myself a rebond
[I want a straight hair...can somebody give me a wig? ;)] but with the hair quality that I have, five hours wouldn't be enough. Free time for myself is a luxury these days.

Anyway, I found myself observing (more like staring and gawking and eavesdropping to boot) the place and the people around me.

I deduced the following facts:

  • Women (including me) request that their hair stylists give them a certain celebrity's cut because it will make them (assume that) beautiful. Truth is, hair stylists' aren't magicians. There are hair cuts that can be becoming and unbecoming and that lie in the faces of the owners of that hair.

  • Kids' haircuts do really cost much. Why? Because they're restless and will never sit still. For hair cutters, it will always be a very challenging and frustrating experience.

  • Don't be too stingy with your tips, either to the shampoo person or your hair stylist. Making waves about your hair requires their knowledge, skills and expertise.

  • I think hair stylists also get anxious about what other people may say about your hair. It's like you're representing them so I assume that they do wanna make you look good instead of making a crappy job out of your hair.

  • Lastly, don't come in a salon/parlor saying you're in a rush and please, if your hair stylist can hurry and do magic on you. Go back to #1. Further, do you really want haste overtaking a supposed beautiful craft to be done in your crowning glory? Make time.

There goes my deduction - a number of teeny-weeny bits of realization as my eyes wander around and ears strain over other people's conversation! Hehehe.


oregonamy1972 said...

Great thoughts! The best hair cut I ever got was when I told my hairstylist that I wanted something different...I let her take her time and it was great!

marco said...

I think your right..




Style and Relax said...

#5 - yes gotta make time for your hair and not rush it! diba it'll take long for it to grow back and the stylist would be pressured.

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

I love listening in to salon conversations. I always a bit of light reading but I keep an ear out for interesting bits and pieces. haha.


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