Thursday, January 22, 2009

Unfitting Havaianas

Dear Me,

I'm not really a shoe nor a sandal nor a slipper person.

Naturally, I won't be found in a shoe store or anyplace else that concerns such fetish.

But recently, I found myself wandering in a
Havaianas store in a mall. A fabulous slip-on caught my fancy.

Yes! It sported my favorite beloved color. Whenever this color and any of its shades catches my peripheral vision, I will absolutely take a second, third glance, even step back, turn around and see the beauty itself.

And so I did. I entered the store and unfortunately, this very pleasing footwear wasn't the one for me. The design and the size was for kids only. Bummer.

A certain pensiveness came over me. It's just that sometimes you really don't want things and yet they come and make you feel the need to want them. When you find the desire to want them, upon closer inspection, they aren't meant for you at all.

Life is beginning to be like that lately... *sigh*


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