Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Dear Me,

I am as disorganized as my thoughts. Nyehehehe.

  • I placed a call at Xend requesting pick-up for a delivery service within the metropolis. They will be picking up my shipments sometime tomorrow. I'm supposed to ship the goods via PhilPost or another local service, 2Go, but decided otherwise. I thought it would me more convenient for me and less taxing to have Xend pick the stuff at home instead of going to the post office or a courier branch. It will cost me more (a few pesos) shipping via Xend than the post office but I'll be saving a few pesos using Xend than 2Go. :)

    It will be my first time to utilize their services. I hope I won't be disappointed.

  • I spent my last few nights scouring my shelves and the nooks and crannies of the house searching for the books required for my reading challenges for the entire year. Supposed to be, reading those books should have commenced during the first day of February. Well, I did start reading but not the book in my lists. *winks*

  • It kinda sucks. It's more like that it is me who suck. I tried reviewing a book I had read and when I scanned the words I've written, it sounded so elementary. Goodness. I had so many ideas and yet I couldn't jot it down properly. Being a stay-at-home mom, taking care of my family and the home take precedence over my passion for reading. Having time to read is such great luxury these days. Sneaking a few hours at dawn just to read is all that I can afford. Deducing that, it takes days before I can finish reading a book. By that time, I have forgotten some applicable input for review. I better start noting such ideas in a notebook if I really want to be satisfied. Sheesh.

  • I will be posting another list of books for this reading challenge. It will be a total of 24 books.

  • I'm neither a Neil Gaiman reader nor a fan. Lately, I'm getting curious about the works of this guy. I first heard about him from some writer friends who kept on babbling about his Sandman series many years ago. The main reason why I wasn't that hooked on him because science fiction and fantasy weren't my cup of tea. Nothing has changed except that his book, The Graveyard Book, just won the 2009 Newberry Medal.

  • Hubby and I were supposed to watch the movie premiere of Gran Torino at the Podium Mall tonight. Unfortunately, something important came up and we had to cancel a few hours before the screening. I just hope that Azrael was able to find replacements.

  • Plurking is so addicting! I am signing off now. Goodnight, plurkmates! :)

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