21 February 2009

Miguel @ 10 Months

Dear Me,

I haven't been successful in re-organizing and re-sorting my photo archive. I don't know why I can't seem to finish this thing-to-do. I've spent years planning and starting to sort my archives but I was never able to see through it till the end. Hmm.

Waddling through files and folders is too tedious especially if you want to separate countless photos of
Miguel as a baby. He'll be turning two (2) years old soon and I haven't still chosen which amongst those photos to include in my baby photo projects: from birth to 12-month old photo frame and baby scrapbooking (which I have to learn yet).

Anyway, I haven't seen any great shots of him yet but I found these photos a little cute. They were taken one morning in
August. He was 10 months old then.

waking up with a surly face

Barney song was playing;
thus, the smile

there goes his 2 front teeth (lower)

oops, pillow slide

back to serious mode

yes, that's my jolly baby!


  1. RACHEL, thanks. Hope you have a great weekend as well with your family. :)

  2. ang cute cute ni miguel. pwede ko bang paligawan si kurdapya dyan sa baby mo? *teehee* (bugaw na ama mode)

    LOLOLOLOL!!! :P :P :P

  3. JON, kurdapya? hahaha. sabi ni dex pag kurdapya daw pangalan ng anak mo, di na lang daw paliligawan. loko kayo, nasamid ako sa pag-inom ng milo! :))

  4. a jolly baby indeed! so adorable! Happy Sunday.

  5. I miss this age, my kids are both in school already. :D


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