25 February 2009

WW - Book Pile

Dear Me,

Here's my 7th edition of
Wordless Wednesday.

no more shelves to go

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  1. Fran,

    Oh I feel your pain, this is a constant struggle in our home as well. Too many books and not enough shelves. But as problems go, it is a good one to have!

    My WW post is up at:

    Happy WW!

  2. I can relate to that! i 'm almost outa space in my new place for my books and cds/dvds. argh!

  3. Wow, someone is an avid reader. Probably someday you may start your own secondhand bookstore. :)

  4. Ha Ha! That looks like my front room! lol

  5. @MAUREEN, a sympathetic friend. :) Doesn't matter as long as books keep coming in. They're blessing for me.

    @SUSIE, you bet!

    @STAN, I think that space is a common dilemma for bibliophiles.

    @BK, maybe I will. Hehehe.

    @THUMBELINA, really?


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