11 March 2009

Miguel @ 11 Months - Watching Barney

Dear Me,

I think I will forever be sorting and organizing my files and photos in my laptop.

Last month, I shared these adorable expressions of
Miguel during his 10th month.

When Miguel was born, we've been playing Barney on tv for him to watch and learn songs. Barney has been a very good friend to him. He keeps him company while he eats, play and sleep. :)

watching Barney's friends sing

ssshhh...he's seriously watching


Barney & friends with Mother Goose

feeling sleepy already...ahehehe!

These photos were taken one evening in September. He was 11 months old then.

Keeping tabs:

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  1. Hi!
    I still cannot understand why kids love barney...
    Cute boy you have there.
    Can you give him a hug from me?


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