03 April 2009

Giveaway: Miss Congeniality 2 Notebook

Dear Me,

I have a lot of unused stuff lying and scattered around the house. Instead of throwing them away, I thought of hosting a giveaway in my blog.

The first to go is this lovely Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous Notebook courtesy of Warner Brothers. If I'm not mistaken, I think the movie was shown way back in 2005. Were you able to watch it? Well, I did. A sequel starring the funny Sandra Bullock, the movie was good enough for me to enjoy it; just disregard the ridiculous parts. It had an appealing strike into it when Sandra Bullock and Regina King shared the same screen. :)

Anyway, I'm giving away a Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous notebook. This girly notebook is pink and covered with a soft fabric (I'm not sure what it's called) that's so smooth.

The pages are thick enough for anyone to write in. Little girls will love this as they write their diaries and other secrets. Adults will also like it as part of their collection or make it as a repository of their thoughts about anything by scribbling on the pages. You can win it for your kids, nieces or for yourself. :)

Win it!
  • Mention in comments before midnight of April 17, Friday if you have a notebook and what you usually write on it (yes, that easy...)

  • A random winner will be drawn from the pool of eligible comments and shall be notified by email on April 18, Saturday.

  • Winner shall reply within 72 hours for his/her shipping address. I will pick a new recipient of this book if the winner fails to respond.

  • Provide your name and a valid email address (needed in case you win).

For extra entries:
  • blog about this book giveaway with a link back to this post (+2).

  • twitter this giveaway & let me know your tweet (+1).

  • share via facebook & let me know as well (+1).

  • subscribe to my blog updates via email or rss (+1).

This contest is open to both local and international participants.

Thank you for visiting my blog. :)


  1. oh i luvit!!! so pink and fuzzy!!!

    yup, i keep a notebook...several in fact...

    my favorite one now is a thick brown one that i got in living well, its my journal. it helped me during a very difficult time in my life.

    the other one is a cutesy one, with a dancing diva in front...pang lesson plan!!!!

  2. That's so pretty! I love pink. Please count me in.

  3. I forgot to add that I have a blue pocket notebook where I write random daily stuff.

  4. i love pink! count me in!
    i have lotsa notebook since i love to buy them, my latest was one I bought back in the Phils, the Jollibee journal, it was 1 yr old already but I used it to write important stuff, most of the time i used to jotted things i found on the net that i want to check on later. :)
    I'll give you my name and address when I win. :D

  5. I wouldn't want that notebook, but my wife would love it as she is a fan of that movie, indeed.

    Does she keep a notebook? Yes. What does she do with it? She writes down recipes, ways to torment me -- the usually wife stuff.

    Hope I win this so I can pass it on to her!

  6. I would like to win because I just love winning stuff I have several notebooks I keep things like pass word, appointments ect. please count me in

  7. ay magugustuhan ni wifey yan. exchange na lang tayo. hmm... Frenzy t-shirt? :p

  8. Oh well, I am joining in because I love pink and I love to write. I wouldn't let this luck pass by me without doing anything.

    Ok, so here's my answer. I have a notebook, actually it's a daily planner where I jot down my notes and busy schedules. I am everywhere so I have to list down my whereabouts to avoid forgetting things.

    ...What's next? I am going to remember April 18 because that is the day you'll hand me over that Ms. Congeniality notebook!!! Yeyz!!!

  9. yes i have a notebook and i keep all my lists in it- what i need to buy for the kids, holiday stuff, things to do, recipes to try that week, etc

  10. here's my tweet

  11. I have a small simple notebook where I write my workouts!

    Please enter me, I would love to win this for my teen sister living in the Phils!

    sandierpastures at gmail dot com

  12. I linked to this contest at my weekly gig contest roundup at An Island Review. The post will be up tomorrow, 4/8.

    sandierpastures at gmail dot com

  13. Hey Fran! Cute little book, I likey! Better than tossing it. Thumbs up babe! I am having a giveaway this week too! Stop on by and check it out!


  14. I write in lists: what I'm grateful for, what I acknowledge myself for (a ta!da! list, if you will), and a daily what I learned, what I contributed, and what I enjoyed.

  15. wow! cute pink notebook here. i want to join here please.

    i actually have three notebooks for different, for all my ramblings, ideas and other thoughts. another one, for all the expenses, ideas and things needed in our new home. and the last one, is for the schedule of payments, my schedules and other important reminders.

  16. I love Sandra Bullock and yes, I've watched most of her movies.

    I carry a small notebook with me wherever I go. I jot down thoughts that suddenly spews out of my mind.

  17. Great notebook. I am a notebook freak. I have one in the car all the time for when I have random ideas, need to write a shopping list, or for phone numbers for ads I hear on air. I also have three work related notebooks. I host a savings special every Thursday and ideas hit at different times so I have it to jot down the ideas and to refer to when I am on air.

    Please enter me in your giveaway.


  18. i just posted about your contest on my blog. Thanks! I hope I win :)

  19. Yes I do have one, for taking down notes in the office.

  20. i usually use a notebook to exchange notes with Joshwa's therapist.He writes his report and I write my observations about Joshwa.

  21. can i still join? hehehe..

    yes i still have a notebook, or should i say, notebooks! i keep my thoughts in there.. i write anything that comes up on my mind.. i write poems and short stories, both written in English and Filipino.. and when i'm in the mood, i draw anime characters in my notebook too!


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