Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why Do We Travel

Dear Me,

Back when I was single, I used to travel a lot. Although, the places I go to were limited (because I have some favorites that I frequent visiting them), I still prefer exploring these wonderful destinations.

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Why do I travel?

I travel for the reasons that:
  • to relieve myself from the stress of work and city life

  • to explore the beauty of the outdoors

  • to learn new things around me; culture, way of life, meet people, history

  • to seek serenity

  • to satisfy my itchy feet

Why do others travel?
  • to run away from the reality of daily life

  • to experience the rich culture of other countries

  • to feel nature

  • to enjoy life as it burst in front of their faces

  • to bond with the family and spend glorious quality time

  • to allow ones' self to do things they normally won't do

  • to fulfill a dream

  • to meditate and discover true self

  • to learn about their roots

All of us have our own reasons why we make the effort to pack our bags and go. So why do you travel?


Heart of Rachel said...

I've never really traveled far but I like going on trips because it's a great way to unwind and bond with the family.

Blogger Rise said...

I love to travel to refresh my mind and to know other culture. Make me realize that life is so wonderful

Berryvox said...

I love traveling. I mostly go to see new things; wildlife, architecture, etc. And to learn more about areas outside of my hometown.

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